Augmented Reality

Develop your AR system with the most innovative technology developed and designed like scene detection, image & object recognition, motion tracking, light estimation and many more by the industry experts.

Augmented Reality Services

Augmented reality is the augmentation of the real world with the addition of more detail. When the real world is blended with the virtual elements using the camera sensor of your smartphones, devices or high-technology modern smart glasses, augmented reality is born. It is the opposite of virtual reality, where the whole surrounding is replaced with the virtual world. AR immerses your eyes with the natural world with unnatural substances that are free to move, easy to manoeuvre and mind-blowing to experience either in naked eyes with the help of the smartphone (which mostly is the case) or the elegant enterprise glasses.

The whole concept is based on the virtual object’s movement in front of you as if they exist in the real world, but actually, they are not. How about you can place a Lamborghini – one of the most expensive cars – in your garage where you can barely afford a Toyota? You don’t have to fulfil your dream just by sitting around the corner of the room, playing games to feel like you own those luxurious cars. You can even mimic some of the old sci-fi action films’ holography use where holography use to be deemed surreal. You can now use the technology as stellar as holography to swipe the email or various files in front of you by pulling it out of the computer, just like Iron man’s Tony Stark.

Yes, you can do it easily as long as you use Microsoft Hololens or Vuzix glasses to enhance the view of your surrounding by allowing myriads of virtual objects to appear. Have you heard of Pokemon Go? I am sure you have. Then you also may have heard that millions of users at a time ended up playing the game in their outer location just to catch the Pokemon and receive the bounty for it. It was not only the bounty that entices people to play that game; it was the AR technology with the apps set in the smartphone that augmented the surrounding of you to create an atmosphere where you could see the Pokemon dancing over a man sitting on a chair.

Likewise, if you want to go shopping and get a company to support you to make your shopping experience as impressive as having shopkeepers around you to guide you, then it is the AR that suggests to you what you could buy or what you are missing that could fill the shelf of your kitchen. In fact, you could be given a live update of what the products around you, such as food, contain which ingredients so that you can avert the food allergy or remain vigilant to buy the stuff with no health value.

In fact, you don’t need to get jealous if you see your neighbours holding the string of the dog; you can create that too, you can choose your favourite animals, including a dinosaur, to take them into the park and command it to follow your instruction. All these are possible with AR technology, which you can capture and experience inside the phone screen or in your transparent glasses. So the whole concept is – the AR, unlike VR, does not cover the entire area of your surroundings to overlay the virtual image, it just takes the tiny or half portion of the surrounding to digitalise instead of covering the whole area with virtual jargon, which would feel less vivid, more surreal.

The More Complex Case of AR

The AR has extended its outstanding technology beyond the conventional use; you can now use its virtuality and vision to many other sectors, where its application is supposed to generate more value. With the help of AR, you can now use the 3D dimension to place the necessary furniture like sofa, bed or chair in your house without even purchasing it. You will know how it will look into your room or where placing them will suit you better in advance. A giant motor company like Volkswagen uses the AR world to pre-estimate where to start the repair work would detect the fault in the car’s system or how replacing a car headlight with the existing one will fit the chamber at the front.

The engineers are the most beneficiaries to derive the most benefit out of it; now, they can project the 3D image of the construction to check how the diameter, height and width will affect certain infrastructure or how the pioneering structure for railworks or bridges will look like before it actually gets into formed. Apart from that, you can leverage the AI for the following:

  • Medical surgery, virtual learning platform, virtual shopping.
  • Alternate reality games, location-based MMOs.
  • Virtual communication brings people from anywhere in the world into one specific office room.
  • Facial recognition and data retrieval from smartphones and many more.


How Can Neuron33 be A Great Assistant to You?

The credit of the AR not only lies within the use of the lens that use the API and tools to convert the surrounding with amplified objects but also it is mostly the software that works behind every pixel that turns into digital fruition. This is the platform our assistance will be an excellent use for you from AR’s technological point of view. Gone are days when you needed to feel shy of solely relating the AR software with foreign companies. But now, a company like Neuron33, founded in Bangladesh, can process the 3D model and hardware tools to project the AR view right into your system.

If the AR is an integral part of your business, and you want to make your business more efficient by cutting the cost down by depending on the other foreign companies to develop the API for your AR, we are the solution to you. Alongside your in-house staff and software like ERP, CRM, PIM, we, Neuron33, engage the best AR-based software to incorporate the AR technology into your backend of the system, allowing you to retrieve the 3D model from data storage. Also, we enable you to gain a secure communication platform aligned with the AR metadata storage and other pertinent services. Our services also roll out to –

  • Scene Detection – our end-to-end solutions to your magnificent AR use in the technology field utilises the perfect software training to scan the object using the lens of the camera by maintaining the calibration. Your 3D model placement fits perfectly when the camera lens derives the surrounding data as an image.
  • Image & Object Recognition – Our high-quality training data, labelled with great accuracy and annotation, can easily track and trace the object by matching it with the correct text or credentials.
  • Motion Tracking – Most of the AR technology undergo effects like instability of the object or the shaking effect of the 3D image. But our tailored-made AR software barely creates that; our engineers ensure that the GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer can calibrate the augmentation as per your devices’ motion and avoid any displacement of the object.
  • Light Estimation – We focus mainly on light enhancement so that while watching the virtual elements in the augmented vision, your system can match the lighting of your surrounding with the virtual scene. It keeps your augmented world more visually appealing and realistic.