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Neuron is a highly selective network working with the industries like-entertainment, health care and financial services.

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Media & Entertainment

VR & AR experts successfully deliver the most user-interactive and entertainment-raving AR and VR experience. Whether it’s the miniature animals or humans playing and sitting within the palm of your hands, panda eating bamboos right next to your dining table or the characters from the Avatar toys coming into the lives vividly, all are possible with our software and data-scientists high-skilled augmented and virtual reality-based mindsets. We first collect the clients’ preferences by hearing them out, putting their strategy into our guideline, showing them the demo in an iteration before proceeding with larger values, and then carrying on with the original sets of data to finally create your personalised and customised AR or VR animation. We use cutting-edge software to put the coordinates with the help of the graphical overlay to ultimately convert the object your webcam or device’s camera captures to a 3D animation to finally visualise them using the most sophisticated piece of AR/VR glasses.


The benefits and contributions made by data analytics in the governmental sector are enormous, from the public sector to the private sector. Whereas the private sector is committed to increasing its workflow productivity and paving the way for more business expansion, the public sector is hugely dedicated to data-driven analytics to transform its work structure, design and build the optimum quality service for making the well-informed decision, better for the nation. Suppose the traffic-regulated data are captured by the road surface sensors, traffic cameras, or GPS. In that case, these data can be sent to the traffic regulatory bodies to merge it with the weather forecast to ensure the accident can be tackled. The same goes for fire service, road construction, etc. Despite having adequate tools, these cannot be executed as long as the in-house data collectors are not conversant with the statistics and the right methodology of the data analytics. Our Neuron33 Ltd. affiliates with growing companies to seek the most authentic data analytics labelled and analysed by the industry-leading experts.

Health Care

The health care industry has digitalised itself to finally poise with the modern healthcare transformation aided by the help of data analytics and the standardisation of contemporary AR/VR technology. This massively data-driven manipulation helps the healthcare industry improve patient care by giving sheer access to the patient’s medical report, predicting the health sector’s future, preventing epidemics, securing patient wellbeing by reducing the visit to the GP, and monitoring the patient’s health using the digital portable monitoring equipment. We Neuron is affiliated with other tech companies to provide you with the supreme experience of embracing the digital transformation of the current healthcare system. You can now use our service to develop your health-related software with the most up to date patient-centred data to perform the most nerve-wracking surgeries beforehand or immerse into smartphone games to reduce your mental stress for ADHD or replace cadavers with the virtual body to lessen the most minor to significant errors.

Financial Service

The futuristic financial banking system relies heavily on the digital infrastructure of data-driven analytics, ensuring a smoother interconnection between what the customers want of the premium services and how better off a financial company is to provide them by complying with the financial data mapping. It allows the insurers to determine and calculate the risk profiles of the applicants and help decide whether or not they should focus more on the customer-centric product design and its marketing. Neuron offers the most suitable banking system by utilising its core tools and premium software powered by the best financial and software experts. This allows the bank to drive higher retention and acquisition by increasing the credit and reducing the risks calculated from the data analysed in the past. By understanding the customers’ behaviour, and the day-to-day activities, the bank can take the informed decision to increase the deductible by reducing the lower premium, find out the locations where the ATM needs to be located, and lastly to offer a wide range of personalised services.




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